Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ASoX9 Does It Really Work? Can It Make You Bigger Or Even Harder At All?

ME – or Male Enhancement products have one of the highest online Scam rates, and its not getting any lower because natural supplements can suggest results that may or may not work for everyone, and as long as the ingredients are natural and safe companies can “promise” anything that’s even slightly probable without any repercussions.  After all, a maid’s out fit can make some Men hard, and you don’t even have to eat it, so the “slightly probable” is easy to suggest and get away with.

So what can You do to get around the suggestible balderdash, not much a side from a researching actual user based reviews, and if you know some science a review of the ingredients.

Having worked at a Lab I decided to research both the Ingredients and the user reviews of ASoX9.

First Off, What is ASoX9 All About?

The formula was designed by a Harvard University Graduate and Researcher Christopher Gordon, he says the whole idea for creating his own formula came around after he tried multiple supplements to improve his own performance. But had only “marginal improvements” and after further research found many formulas were not properly tested and some of the ingredients did not work well together.
Christopher Named the formula ASoX9 after a protein that stimulates the growth of a male organ and essentially what turns fetuses into males. You can Read more about the name and Formula at ASOX9.com

Is The Formula Sound? Do Ingredients Lead to Results?

There are 6 main ingredients, and a bunch of others in very small quantities that Chris claims synergistically help the main ingredients deliver their effects.
Main ingredients include: Tongkat Ali, Maca, L-Arginine, Ginseng, Zinc, and Oyster Extract. These are all known, Natural and currently used ingredients in other formulas, however no other formula that I found contains all 6 together. Additionally I haven’t found any other formulas containing the same amount of Tongkat Ali, 2 I found that did have it in comparison ASoX9 had 350%-400% more TongKat than them.

Overall the Formula Makes sense, Seems Safe as it is Natural and Checks out on Paper,and was actually reviewed for Safety by WebHealthWire.com 

Most Importantly Does It Work? What Do The Users Say?

I’ve looked online to find every available source to find users and their experience, I found some on AskMen.com, WebHealthWire.com, Consumster.com, ASoX9.com and YouTube.com . Although not all the reviews mentioned each result the men reviewing this product talked notably about four main outcomes;
•     an increase in girth,
•     a much harder erection,
•     a slight increase in size,
•     a longer lasting duration,

The reviews seemed to come mostly from men ages between 47-69 (this is based only on the ages that were mentioned in the reviews), and the reviews gave the product 4-5 stars with about 83% of the reviews on the 5 star side.

Are there Any Downsides?

As any product there is always a catch or some sort of downside to its use, and based on the same reviews it was noted that some men were only able to begin seeing results between 3 days to a week of use. This does seem like a downside when considering the product for “out of the box” use, but does maintain consistency with other natural supplements, as many do require build up and consistent intake for maximum benefits.

     ASoX9 contains 350%-400% more Tongkat Ali then other top brands
     Completely Natural with no known, or user experienced Side Effects
     Users indicate achieving results: Harder, Longer Lasting Erections, and a slightly increased size during the erection.

     Seems to go on Back order often

     Begins to work differently for Men, ranging from 3 days to 1 week

The ASoX9 Verdict:

ASoX9 seems to check out on 3 Fronts: 82% of users give it 5 stars while the rest of majority lays in the 4 stars range.
Users claim they are able to achieve the results listed on the ASoX9 website  Harder, longer lasting Erection, and Maximized Size.
The formula is made up of completely natural extracts, and all indications show it is safe with no known or experienced side effects.
If you are interested in getting more info you can find it directly at ASOX9.com


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